Intro to the Five Years Dinner Party excerpt

Section 1: Seton Solowitz is a 36-year-old actress. Her father Sol is a famous film director who, when she was seventeen, cast her as the lead in a sort of sex road movie called “Black Mango.” When it came out that Seton was underage, there was a major scandal and Sol fled the country. As this scene begins she has recently found out that a remastered version of “Black Mango” is going to be released next year for the 20th anniversary. She has a ten-year-old daughter, Shanti.

Also in this scene: Danger, a writer on a new TV show Seton is filming in Vancouver.

Section 2: Prophet is Shanti’s father and Seton’s estranged ex. He is living in an abandoned factory in Vancouver, but Seton doesn’t know he’s in town.