Welcome to the Antiracist Book Club.

Are you (a) a compulsive reader of paperback novels, (b) interested in racial justice, and/or (c) just a person who sometimes thinks, “Wow, this book seems kinda racist”? If so, the Antiracist Book Club is for you. Guest posts welcome—please contact me.


The Trojan horse of Ice Cream Star
A mostly rhapsodic review of a dystopia written by a white person, in which every white person in America is dead.

This author gets it
Proving that it is possible to understand white privilege and write novels at the same time!

Reading white supremacy against the grain
In which I have rather a lot to say about a new novel by the Jewish writer Howard Jacobson

No comment
Actually (surprise!) lots of comments—about McPhee, Cunningham, Picoult and Shakur

Kissing in the rain while white
All hail Pia Glenn, who makes the below point faster and better

Bumpy and flat
The perils of an exclusively white perspective in fiction

Racist humor in The Pale King
Mixed feelings about David Foster Wallace

Well, so much for that

This new novel by a celebrated author came . . . and went

Outside help
Practical advice for white writers from Kayla Acrum on Media Diversified

The Shukla Test
Bechdel-testing for racism in fiction

Microagression in fiction
Racist presumptions in Stephen King and elsewhere

Five ways a white author can mess up on race

Top signs of not thinking enough about things; reflections on anonymity and the charge of “being racist”

White supremacy in paperback
The basics as I see them; three (anonymous) examples

Better than that
Racism in a Jewish novel; on being Jewish