Praise and press for THE ONE-WAY-RAIN

“Jacobowitz handles weighty themes like racism and corporate cultural control incredibly deftly. They are at the heart of the story, but the unfolding of that story—and not these ‘Big Ideas’—are always placed in the forefront of the narrative. The themes come across organically as the book progresses so that they inevitably are interwoven with the reader’s engagement with this particular tale. This is first-class fiction and not a sociological treatise.” — Amazon review

“#NowReading THE ONE-WAY RAIN by @CathyJacobowitz on page 100 and fully engrossed in her world.” — Newark NJ

“I’m 40 pages in and @CathyJacobowitz‘s THE ONE-WAY RAIN is blowing me away. So vivid, relevant, and imaginative! . . . Dialogue has already made me laugh out loud twice! These characters are awesomely real. . . . ‘Day 18’ gave me chills.” — Boston

“You’ve crafted a world so very interesting and I think it’s such a poignant commentary on what’s going on in our world right now.” — Los Angeles

“Fully-formed and compelling. I was immersed in the time and place. Unnerving.” — Boston

“A great book that jumps into the biggest questions of our times. The characters stayed with me long after the last page and felt like people I knew.” — Northampton MA

“Wow! What a rollercoaster ride! Imaginative and evocative.” — Schroon Lake NY

Popshow reminded me of Times Square, but everywhere and on everything. It’s a fascinating concept. There are a lot of elements of 1984 in this, too . . . The characters were really strong and there was great tension throughout the novel.” — Boston

Fenway News review

The One-Way Rain is a slender novel with bold ambitions. . . . Jacobowitz has a knack for injecting humor when least expected.

Diverse Pages

DP: Have you always written about characters of color? What challenges (if any) have you faced in doing so?

CATHY: No, I haven’t. I was raised in a very white environment and didn’t know many people of color, and my first books were all about white people. . . .

Massachusetts Cultural Council’s Artsake blog

In the end I didn’t give Sterling any actual fights to wage—she works by stealth, not confrontation—but she does do a lot more physically than anyone I’ve written about before . . .