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My bridge was gapped

In Austin in 1995, when I was twenty-four, I knew a vivacious young woman with black hair and black eyes, L., who was the object of many a crush. You either were crushed on her or resented her, or both (I was of the first party). It was also at this time that I carried on a strange flirtation with a curly-headed blond guy named M. who was in a relationship with another girl. Hard as it is to believe now, I was ignorant of the politics of relationships and didn’t know things were going to get complicated. Read more

I was lucky (Trio)

At this point in my life, I like about one in four novels well enough to finish it. Since I’m a buyer, not a borrower, and get most of my reading material either free or secondhand, that means I have a lot of books I don’t want. After two cleaning sweeps over the past four years, I am have once again built up a pile of a hundred or so discards. No problem, they’ll go to Goodwill or the library sale and the cycle will continue, but I wish the proportion of great books was a little higher. Read more