Did you know I’ve written eight books? I was pretty excited to count them up.

Combinations (1986). Dizzy, Rick, humorous Tommy, and a child whose name I’ve forgotten live and study with Dr. Saturnson. Dizzy and Rick fall in love. (Next to the scene of their first kiss, my English teacher wrote in the margin, “Finally!”)

Untitled (1988). Eli Green is the protagonist of this book about high school. I apparently lost the only copy of the manuscript (written in longhand with automatic pencil) somewhere between Austin and Boston.

Patrick Days (1991). The hero is Patrick, a gay teenager in Pickle Tree, PA.

Annabel and Jumper (1994). Annabel is a pudgy Jersey girl and Jumper is a rock star.

Mère Bimbo
(1999). The titular character is Mara Trotman, a washed-up American TV star living in Paris with her son, a sixteen-year-old bisexual hellion called Etienne. They move back to New York, where Etienne falls in love with a woman who has only one leg.

Solace (2005). A return to Eli Green, who takes a job as a nanny for five-year-old Ingrid Salas and becomes her father’s lover. Eli is largely opaque to himself and he runs into trouble when he meets a barmaid named Kerby.

Melly Mockingbird (2008).

The One-Way Rain (2011).