I had a reading

. . . and, to quote Jim’s Journal, it wasn’t that bad.

The impeccable Dan Blask of Mass Cultural Council hosted a literary evening at Porter Square Books. Also appearing at a podium that was suitably located between Self-Esteem and Personal Finance were:

  • Jessica Bozek, who shared several intricate poems rich with imagery of war and loss;
  • Kate Burak, who gave a lively reading from her novel The Dress, about a young girl who does something very bad with an item of Emily Dickinson’s;
  • Preston Gralla, whose excerpt “Victor Ponzini and the Flavor of Air” was both learned and unexpectedly wicked;
  • and Anna Ross, whose poems addressed to the weather were moving and, as she pointed out, strangely prescient.

      I read an excerpt from Melly Mockingbird in which Clyde suffers a reverse. I wish I had ended by shouting “Keep Fenway Affordable!” But it was a great time, anyway.