I was a co-ed

The 1990-1991 semester was quite a year for me. I was twenty years old, a junior at Yale, deeply in love with someone who was unambiguously unavailable, and taking a poetry seminar, and I was simply writing poetry all the time. In the midst of this I was twice arrested for disorderly conduct while blockading the New Haven Federal Building to protest the Iraq war. (He was doing it.) I was young, and class issues came through vaguely (someone pointed out that the most concrete effect of our action was to prevent local residents from picking up their Social Security checks). Anyway, I wrote a poem, which I resuscitate here in honor of S., whose behavior and principles as modeled at her own arraignment could not have been further from mine.

Before My Arraignment

Another poem here.

A wonderful actual poet, Jane Yeh, here. My favorite is called “The Only Confirmed Cast Member Is Ook the Owl, Who Has Been Tapped To Play the Snowy White Owl Who Delivers Mail for Harry.” Her poem “Scenes from My Life as Sherlock Holmes” is in the Nation this week.