I went to the movies

My dear friend Rockclimber being in self-imposed exile in Georgia making knives, like someone in a Quentin Tarantino movie, I went to see “Ex Machina” by myself. It was pretty neat except that all the female androids had landing strips. Ha ha, seriously, it was deeply sexist in a way that can’t be defused by lampshading. But I still enjoyed it. Oscar Isaac’s upsetting beard reminded me of Bryan Cranston’s observation that “hair on the face and no hair on the head is the most intimidating look there can be.” As a weight-lifting, vodka-swilling Zuckerbergian Mephistopheles, Isaac was easily the scariest thing in the movie. Spoiler: the robots win.

I also saw a preview for “Hitman: Agent 47,” which I am most enthusiastic about. I have fond memories of the first “Hitman” movie, “Hitman.” While watching it, I entertained fantasies of writing an epic poem, or perhaps set of instructions, titled “Things To Remember To Do If You Are a Hitman.” The first movie also features one of my favorite lines ever (must be delivered in sultry “Russian” accent): “Very good with automatic weapons. Not so good with ladies’ undergarments.” When it comes to summer action movies featuring taciturn assassins with traumatic pasts, especially if they are Rupert Friend, Cathy J. is there. And just to tie the two paragraphs of this post together, imdb’s list of plot keywords for “Agent 47” includes “bald.”

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