Left out of “The Leftovers”

I have just one question for the second season of “The Leftovers” (spoilers!):

Where are all the Mexicans?

Actually, I have two questions, because I would also like to know why the inhabitants of prehistoric Texas are white. However, let’s move on. Jarden, Texas, rechristened “Miracle,” is a small town, apparently not far from Austin, with a population of 9,261. What makes it miraculous is that none of its inhabitants disappeared on October 14, the day of worldwide Departure. As season two opens, Miracle is a National Park with a serious tourist problem (even the Garvey baby has to wear a yellow wristband to avoid getting hassled by park rangers). Miracle is also rather nicely integrated, with lots of Black and white folks. But no Mexicans. Except maybe for Enrique, whose name is hollered by a waitress after one of her regulars makes a mess slaughtering a goat on the diner floor. The scene ends on that beat, which wouldn’t work as well if she turned around and yelled “George!” We might wonder who George was. But because it’s “Enrique!” we know he’s the poor sod who has to wield the mop. And, as I say, he seems to be the only Mexican in town. He must be the 1 at the end of the population sign.

My point is that season two, which features many Black characters and even passes the Shukla test, completely erases the Mexican-American presence which is such an integral part of Central Texas. (Maybe it’s different up in Lubbock or whatever. I don’t know. I only ever went to Archer City once for the day.) And that’s white supremacy in action, cutting down the complexity of the story because of an inability to deal with the fullness of race.

Course, I’m only five episodes in. Maybe in the second half of the season we’ll get to find out where they all went.

Correction: As made abundantly clear in episode 9, Jarden is the town; Miracle is the National Park.