Local signs of spring

It’s like 70 degrees here and I just heard the little misery valve in my soul squeak shut.

—A friend in New York City

  1. Magnolia, dogwood and cherry blossom.
  2. Bricks in the bathroom sink. (Actually, this happens all year round.)
  3. A motion of crowds, registered first as a suspicious gathering of density, which quickly forms into a semidiurnal migration of Red Sox fans.
  4. As a harbinger of the above, pedicabs.
  5. Oh my god! You are playing your tuba, trumpet or saxophone outside. That is such a hip, innovative thing to do! I bet nobody else has ever done it before in the ten years I’ve been living next door to your music school.
  6. Oh my god! You are playing your bongo drums outside.
  7. Skateboarders practicing in the alley: whrrrrrr-clack. Whrrrrrrrrr-clack. Thud.
  8. The Man Who Never Stops Rapping.
  9. Mixed memory and desire.
  10. Gardens!