Not really like

I want to have a little laminated card that lists the ten most common mistakes of insufficiently self-reflective white people. I’m sure in my case it would be more like a laminated economy-size package of cards, but anyway, one I’ve noticed recently is the reckless deployment of similes. In one novel I skimmed, an awkward social moment was compared to the French Revolution and being greeted by a houseful of friendly dogs to surviving the fall of Saigon. But that’s just a little literary imprudence. The whole gruesome cake is taken by this interview with hatemonger Bryan Fischer in the New Yorker. Of the impact on his father of his parents’ divorce, Fischer says:

“He looked like an Auschwitz survivor. It was akin to that ordeal.”

Considering, on the one hand, Fischer’s claim that “homosexuality gave us Adolf Hitler, and homosexuals in the military gave us the Brown Shirts, the Nazi war machine, and six million dead Jews”; and on the other hand his message that “homosexual activists” are trying to “redefine the institution of marriage from the definition that God established at the beginning of time”; and on the third hand the breathtaking cruelty he himself exercises on friends and strangers alike, this is a trifecta of inappropriate.