I wrote some poems. Most of these are from yonks ago.

Small Prayer in Beinecke
A bit of context and a note on why these poems are here.

Writing Your Name on a Grain of Rice
When I was a little kid, my grandma gave me her name written on a grain of rice (which was pretty amazing because her name was Bella Jacobowitz). It was glued to a piece of paper in a tiny box, but I lost it anyway, and never saw its like again until that day on Guadalupe Street.

Before My Arraignment
The backstory.

Lord, You Gave Them Harvard, But What Did You Give Me?
I wrote this poem while working as a temp in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, which partially accounts for its disgruntled tone.

Spring Comes to Winthrop, Mass.
Written after my first winter in New England.

Thirty-sixth Day Without Rain, Austin, Texas
The description of Texas accents in this poem is quite incorrect, based as it was on my impressions after less than a year. I tried to fix it later, but couldn’t get it to scan.

Boswell in New Haven
I read this at a poetry slam at the Daily Caffe in the summer of 1991. I got to the second round, although one person didn’t like it at all.