RACE & FICTION WRITING: Fighting white supremacy over coffee and cookies since 2015!

I started this group because I needed to get out more. Well, not exactly, but I did start it in the hopes of finding community with other fiction writers who care about racial justice and white supremacy. We’ve been going for some years now and still hard at work. Here’s the official description:

Race is a hard thing to write about, but bringing it into our fictional universes can enrich and expand them. The purpose of this group is to equip ourselves to write fiction about race in the most powerful and effective way. We do that by raising each other’s consciousness about race, racism and representation; by examining the way race plays out in our work and other people’s; and, of course, by drinking coffee and eating cookies. Every month we meet to workshop a story, paying close attention to issues of both craft and race. This group is for any fiction writer who writes about race or wants to start.

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Race & Fiction Writing (Boston)