Sunday pickings

Some of what was fit to print today.

World still here, says New York Times: But they are not going to make any sudden moves.

With the clock running out on a much-hyped—and much-ridiculed—apocalyptic prediction, it appeared on Saturday that humankind had survived, with few if any signs of the end of the world. . . . As of late Saturday, planet Earth seemed to continue to spin in the cosmos.

Margalit Fox triumphs again: The delightful obituarist, who in May called Dolores Fuller the “muse, girlfriend, leading lady and involuntary costumer of Ed Wood Jr.,” does herself proud with an item on Michael William Coplestone Dillon Onslow, an earl, viscount, baron and baronet who died recently at 73.

Despite his lineage, or perhaps because of it, Lord Onslow had long questioned the right of hereditary peers to serve in the House of Lords. As he once explained, “I have been in favor of Lords reform almost since I have been there, because any House which has me in it really needs its head examined.”

But he became a sworn foe of Mr. Blair’s plan . . . “If the government is going to play silly monkeys, I’m going to behave like a football hooligan and” botch “things up,” he said in 1998. (Lord Onslow did not use the word “botch.”)

In the end, however, he was philosophical. . . . “I find it extremely difficult to justify the fact that because one of my ancestors got” drunk “with George IV I can boss the British people about,” he said in a 1996 interview.

Lord Onslow did not use the word “drunk.”