The Cylon treatment

We finished the short, unhappy run of “Caprica” last week, and my opinion is that the series would have been a whole lot better if Daniel, knowing his daughter’s spirit is trapped inside the robot he invented, had accused her of giving him the subject line instead of what he really said, which was “silent treatment.”

There is little to recommend “Caprica” besides Serge the housebot and the photography, which was lovely. We also watched “Firefly,” which had a short but happy run. Almost at once I was fonder of the crew of Serenity than I have been of the family grouping in almost any other show, including many better ones. As poor as “Caprica” is on race (just because ethnicity is constantly foregrounded doesn’t mean it’s handled well), “Firefly” is much, much worse; but I missed those guys when they were gone.

Update, July 2012: More on racism in “Firefly”&#8212“Frustrations of an Asian American Whedonite.”