To the person who bought my book at Boomerang’s thrift shop in Jamaica Plain, MA

Thank you very much. I wrote it for you.

Background. I happen to know that the book was not only shelved at Boomie’s, but sold, because (1) Kyle works in the book department and was in fact the person who displayed it face out next to Manning Marable’s biography of Malcolm X, purely to make my day, and (2) I went past the next afternoon and checked the entire fiction section and it was gone. Also, I got six books.

Obviously I’ve been away from this blog for a long time. I will be updating its look sometime this spring or summer. The internet and our use of it has evolved so much since I started my website, almost five years ago, that the elegantly simple theme I chose (Fifty Fifth Street by Tammy Hart Designs) is no longer practical. It has no mobile interface and isn’t friendly with social media, and it looks staid—and not in an interesting way. Strange days for a girl who started out on a Mac Classic. I’m certainly glad to be here, strange as they are.

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