Top five lines of dialogue in “Les Revenants”

“Les Revenants” is almost certainly the only French zombie series in which one dead person turns to another and asks why they don’t look like zombies. It is no barrel of laughs, though. Creepy, anguished and highly recommended.

Fan art by Pixiris on Tumblr
Fan art by Pixiris on Tumblr
  1. Pardon. (I’m sorry.)
  2. Calme-toi. (Calm down.)
  3. Ça va? (Are you okay?)
  4. Je suis désolée. (I’m sorry.)
  5. Ne t’inquiète pas. (Don’t worry.)

Lines that might as well be in the top five

  • Est-ce que je suis morte? (Am I dead?)
  • Ils sont morts tous. (They’re all dead.)
  • Les revenants, ils sont où? (Where are the dead people?)
  • Je suis comme eux. (I am like them.)
  • Ma souffrance ne sera jamais finie. (My suffering will never be over.)

Apologies to the French language. By the way, apparently not one single person of color died or lived in this town in the past thirty-five years, which seems unlikely to me. But maybe that’s France for you. An American show would have stuck a zombie with natural hair in the background just to look “diverse.”

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