True religion

Every now and then you meet a really awesome reverend. Here’s one, and Jason Lydon, founder of Black and Pink and a U.U. minister, is another. This is what he says about money in a 2009 interview.

I do not believe that anyone’s money belongs to them. Because of the history of capitalism and the function of White Supremacist capital development in the United States there is no way to say that any of the money that exists is not stained with the blood of exploited workers. Colonization, destruction of our planet, theft of labor, and exploitation of all living beings is the basis for the U.S. economy. . . . As a person of faith I believe that I must make choices, as often as possible, that fulfill a call to creating loving communities. For me this means things like not putting money into a savings account or any account that gains interest. In what way am I entitled to more money because I have more money? That simply does not make sense. . . . Once we begin developing savings accounts that accrue interest what is the incentive to redistribute that wealth to those who have not been given the access and privileges to the same wealth?