Upon arrival, it has already won.

All hail Michael Wilson, who has produced (in December 30th’s New York Times) the best article on slush that the world has ever seen:

Slush! The great equalizer. No one gets a slush day from work. Pretty people get just as wet as the rest. The newest iPad on the block does not help its user against slush. The expensive shoe sinks with the same squishy splash as the humble loafer . . .

Slush crept along behind the dawn from east to west on Thursday, turning city corners exposed to the sun into icy bogs, soft and dark and repelling to skin. The snowman’s cheery gaze turned to one of grave alarm, for slush is to him what zombies are to man. Relentless, undead.

On a related note, I am sorry to say that the only thing that caught my attention in this very serious article about the Ivory Coast was its delightful ultimate phrase: “The battle is joined.”